Götiska got its name when it was the so-called "Götiska Förbundet" (with Geijer, Ling and Tegnér) meeting place during the early 19th century. The room has beams in the ceiling, fireplace and traditional local murals from 1917 and is situated on the left side of the entrance of The Inn. It’s Ideal for a lunch or dinner for up to 12 people.

Venue overview

M2 Mingle Dinner
Linnqvist 112 100
Verandan 90 54
Carl Johan 42 14
Bellman 37 24
Söderman 21 12
Götiska 20 14
Kristina Paviljongen 4 6
Tingshuset 400


For several hundred years, people have been chosen Stallmästaregården for one of their life's most important days.

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